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1000 Large Ceramic Hex-T Coral Propagation Frag Plugs
In Stock

1000 Count     1-3/8"- Ceramic Hex-T Reef Plugs

Coral Hex-T Reef Plugs - Propagation - Benefits and Information

Our products are specially designed for use in sustainable aquaculture operations.

           Using our system, coral farmers will be able to utilize time and space more efficiently, while minimizing damage to coral when transplanting frags.

We use Certified Non-Toxic Ceramics (ASTM D-4236), fired to 2000 degrees.

Below are some advantages of using the ModReef Hex-T system.

  • Our plugs drop into eggcrate and have hollow stems to allow for easy removal. We provide two sizes of Hex-T's, three sizes of standard plugs, three sizes of rock plugs, and two sizes of tiles.

  • Our Hex-T plugs have hollow stems which can be easily removed with standard pliers eliminating the need for your customers to have special tools to remove the stem. No more bone cutters or frags flying accross the room when using hammers and chisels.

  • Since our plugs and tiles are strong they can be thin. This allows them to be easily scored or cut with a dremel tool for transplanting frags. When the stem is crushed off with pliers it leaves a rough surface perfect for gluing with epoxy or other glues.

Made in Ohio.

If you have any questions, contact us.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 26 December, 2010.
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